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Goal Publications is a publisher of anthropomorphic (furry) novels, novellas, anthologies, and visual novels.

Long-overdue Updates

Sean Gerace

Wow, it has been awhile since I've made a news post, hasn't it? I really need to get better about that, especially since a lot is currently going on!

First off, as you may have seen on Twitter, we've contracted two editors to help us with the workload! First off is Jonathan (Rechan) Hixson, who has edited numerous successful anthologies within the furry fandom. Second is Amy Fontaine, who not only has work featured in A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature, but also works as an editorial assistant for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. I am extremely excited to be working with both of these individuals, and I think they are going to really bring a whole new dimension to Goal Publications.

Second, we are in the works on editing a new release that will be premiered (hopefully) at Fur the More in April of 2018. The book is titled Heirloom of the Rusks, by Lucas d'Aquina. To summarize, it's a YA-fantasy adventure of likely and unlikely rabbit friends in a Redwall-esque world who get thrown into a war most of them never thought could exist. Fans of Jess Owen's Song of the Summerking saga will certainly find this to be enjoyable.

Third, we've recently launched preorders for our own tshirts! You can find this, as well as future merchandise, at http://www.goalpublications.com/merchandise

Thank you all again for your support as we continue to learn and grow. Stick with us!

New Site Layout

Sean GeraceComment

Welcome to the new site layout! We've had a lot of complaints about the old site for the longest time, but unfortunately web development has never been a strength on our team. We've learned a few things, and have started fully utilizing tools in our possession, and now we have a website that has a much cleaner presentation and a much more functional layout. We hope you enjoy!