Goal Publications

Goal Publications is a publisher of anthropomorphic (furry) novels, novellas, anthologies, and visual novels.

Open Positions for Independent Contractors

Assistant Editor

We are looking for an Independent Contractor to assist with several areas of our business, including, but not limited to the following:

-          Submission reading and judging

-          Editing for story concerns as well as grammar, punctuation, wording, etc.

-          Working with the client on any editing concerns

-          Possible editing assistance for projects taken in by our sister company, AnthroAquatic Editing


The following qualifications are necessary for this position:

-          Experience with editing fiction content, including work of a furry nature

-          Strong knowledge of the English language and the rules of punctuation and grammar

-          Ability to stick to a set timeline

-          Schedule flexibility, as submissions and workload come in on an inconsistent basis

-          Strong ability to communicate

-          Good knowledge of Microsoft Word (this is the program you must use for all edits)


Pay is project-based. You will receive a small payout for stories that end up being rejected, and a slightly larger payout, plus a percentage of royalties, for stories that get accepted that you ultimately work on. Please note that the final decision for all acceptances/rejections will ultimately lay with Sean.

We are looking for someone to start work as soon as December 1st, 2017, and work will continue as long as submissions come in.

If you are interested, please send an email to content[at]goalpublications[dot]com with your qualifications, why you want to work with Goal Publications, and an editing sample. Please format your email so the subject line says: "Application – [Your Name]". If you have further questions about the job, please format your email as: "Job Inquiry – [Your Name]".

This editing sample should show something that you've edited (that's not your own writing) from when you first received it, to after it was completed. Tracked changes are a plus, but not required. Please remove all contact info and names of the author from the piece. This editing sample should be attached to the email, not pasted into the body of the email.