Goal Publications

Goal Publications is a publisher of anthropomorphic (furry) novels, novellas, anthologies, and visual novels.

What we are looking for

Goal Publications is looking for full-length works of a "furry" nature. (Don't know where to start? We recommend you check out the Furry Writers' Guild.) Unlike other publishers within the furry fandom, we are looking specifically for works that truly utilize the species and characteristics of the anthropomorphic animals portrayed. (For a good example of this, we recommend taking a look at Claw the Way to Victory, a furry sports anthology organized by our parent company, AnthroAquatic Literary Editing and published by Jaffa Books.) The fur and claws on your characters should not just be for aesthetic purposes.

While we don't have a particular genre preference outside the scope of what has been outlined above, we are not looking for erotica. Adult content relative to a central storyline is completely acceptable, but we are not looking for stories that rely on erotic contents.

We are open to novels and novellas from 20,000-140,000 words.

We are also open to single-author collections within the above word-count standards.

We are not currently accepting multi-author anthologies.

We are currently open to visual novel projects. If you are looking to submit a visual novel project, please be aware that, while we may show interest in your idea, you must have at least a large amount of the text started, as well as some completed visuals (not just concept art).

We are asking for First Rights on all submissions, meaning that the works you submit may not currently be published elsewhere. We also do not accept simultaneous submissions.


Along with a competitive royalty rate, Goal Publications offers royalty minimums, meaning that we guarantee your work will accrue a certain amount in royalties within a year of publication, or we will forward you the difference.

Royalty payments will occur quarterly during the calendar year (so long as the payment is at least $5.00 USD, otherwise payment will be held until the next quarter). Payments will be made by cheque for those in the continental US, and by PayPal to everyone else.

At the close of each quarter, whether authors are due a payment or not, we will provide a statement of exactly how many books were sold each quarter, and through what means. This statement will be sent via email.

How to submit

Please send submissions to content[at]goalpublications[dot]com.

While we have no problem with being queried, we will not begin the judging process until after we’ve received the full manuscript. Please note that our estimated turnaround times for judging and responding to submissions is at least one to three months. This timeframe may change on here without warning.

Please format the subject of your email to say: "Submission – [Type of submission] – [Name of story]". Please make sure the body of the email includes: your name (legal name and preferred pen name (if different from your legal name)), a more detailed description of what you’re submitting, the number of words, a brief synopsis, and any publication credits you may have. If you are simply sending a query, use the same formatting as above, but simply change "submission" to "query" in the subject line.

All submissions should be formatted as followed:

• .doc or .rtf format
• Arial, Calibri, or Garamond font (12pt)
• Single-spaced

Not following these guidelines will heavily hurt your chances of being accepted, so we advise that they are followed as close as feasibly possible.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.