Goal Publications

Goal Publications is a publisher of anthropomorphic (furry) novels, novellas, anthologies, and visual novels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does shipping cost what it does?

Being a small business, it's impossible to compete with the low shipping costs of major corporations. We will do everything we can to keep costs down, and offer as many options as we can.

Why are some titles not available as a digital product?

Titles that we are distributing for other publishers, or that we don't have electronic rights for, will only be sold as physical books. We will do our best to add links to the location of electronic versions of the books, if they exist. Titles we do publish may also not be immediately available for digital download.

I'm looking to distribute for Goal Publications. How do I go about this?

We are glad to hear it! We are always open to more distributors. Please email our team at orders[at]goalpublication.com with the subject line: Distribution Inquiry.

We will get back to you within 48 hours.

What file types do I receive when I purchase a digital copy?

When you purchase a digital copy of a title, you will receive a ZIP file containing a PDF, ePUB, and MOBI version of the title. However, due to our status as a new publisher, we are still working out the kinks with the more complex file types, such as ePUB and MOBI. Titles may only be available in PDF form at times.

Pre-order Information

What are the benefits to pre-ordering?

Along with a discounted price, you will receive your copy of the title roughly a week before the main release (unless you choose to pick up your copy of the title at a convention).

Do I have to do anything differently at checkout?

No! When you are pre-ordering a title, the title image will be clearly overlaid with a watermark, stating it's a pre-order. Simply choose the title and checkout as normal.

Can I purchase other titles in the same transaction as a pre-order?

Yes, though please note that all items will be grouped with the same shipping option, so if you're having a pre-order shipped to you, your entire purchase will not be shipped until that time. If you're picking the pre-order up at a convention, your entire purchase will be available for pick-up at that convention. If you wish to have the rest of your purchase shipped to you immediately, please complete that purchase in a separate transaction.